Why Agile Benefits?

Your investment into benefit plans should improve your business and the health and well-being of your employees. Advisors work with Agile Benefits so that they can deliver a unique approach to employee benefits, designed to make life easy for your plan sponsors.

We are a Third Party Administrator of employee benefits plans. Sounds complicated right? What that means is that you deal with our dedicated service team, and let us worry about all the insurance carrier relationships in the background.

Agile Benefits surveys the top insurance companies in the market and builds you a benefit plan tailored to your needs. Once the best carrier has been selected for each of your benefits, you sign up your company and your employees once with Agile Benefits.

Our Vision

We believe in creative solutions, innovative technology and best-in-class service, all backed by the insurers you know and trust! We want to be recognized by our customers and advisors as the best provider of group insurance in Canada.

Your business is dynamic, your benefits should be too. Stay Agile!

The Agile Advantage

  • One Enrolment. Save time and money with Agile by not having to re-enrol with a new carrier. You own your data, so you can move between carriers seamlessly without the administrative burden.
  • The Benefits of Choice. Get the most value for your budget with customized benefits plans from top Canadian insurers and providers all supported by our outstanding customer care!
  • Simplified Plan Administration. One centralized platform means a decluttered admin experience that bypasses the friction caused by traditional carrier marketing – this means administration is out of the way and benefits are right there when (and where) employees need them.
  • Enhanced Experience for Your Employees. Consolidate all of your benefit programs in an all-in-one, seamless digital portal and empower your employees to access all the resources they need, on demand! The Agile Benefits Employee Portal offers access to information and services like Benefits, Retirement Savings, Employee Assistance Plans, Virtual Health Care, Workperks, Payroll, and more!
  • C.A.R.E. Customer Service. Our customer care representatives provide superior service by building successful and trusting relationships with plan administrators based on our C.A.R.E. principles (Caring, Attentive, Reliable, and Energetic).