What is Thrive?

As an employer, you know that you need to control costs but you are also aware that building your successful business means maintaining a healthy, engaged and productive team. Thrive is specifically designed to help with cost containment while also offering unparalleled value and an enhanced employee experience.

  • Smart Funding: Expense Control Pricing, ASO Dental Options, Protect Drug Management Formularies, and an Optional Health Spending Account.
  • Employee Value and Support Packed In: WorkPerks ®, Best Doctors, Mental Health Navigator, virtual healthcare by Teladoc, ALAViDA – Alcohol & Substance Treatment Program, Enhanced AD&D with Cancer Rider, and the Agile Digital Benefits Platform with Administrator and Employee Portals.
  • Other: Homewood EAP, Critical Illness, 4 Condition CI Rider, Voluntary Benefits, and more.


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Expense Control Pricing

Hybrid Funding with Insured Health and ASO (self-insured) Dental

Protect Drug Management Formularies,

Optional Health Spending Account

Included Value

Best Doctors transforms change management with J | Atlassian

Mental Health Navigator

Free Cancer Rider

Optional Benefits

New COVID-19 Toolkits from Homewood Health - Human Resources

Critical Illness

Enhanced AD&D 4 Condition Rider

Voluntary Benefits

Why Choose Thrive?

Protection from traditional competition

Expense Control Pricing - ECP

Expense Control Pricing (ECP) is our unique underwriting method that allows you to identify and stabilize specific costs in your benefits program. The costs of providing administration, adjudication, and consulting services generally do not increase at the same pace as Health and Dental premiums. By de-linking those expenses from usage increases, ECP provides long-term cost savings.



Best Doctors

Teladoc Virtual Care

Limited AOR protection

ASO dental down to 10 lives

How do we Help Advisors?

Less work = more profit

  • Client ready presentations, videos, marketing materials and our best in class support
  • Get off the rates/marketing treadmill
  • Long term guarantees
  • Stable funding options

Flexible Compensation

Are You Ready to Thrive?