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Business is dynamic - Stay Agile.

Independent advisors choose Agile Benefits to empower their clients with a modern benefits strategy and tools that help deliver the right benefits, right away, right where their employees are.

Agile Benefits surveys the top insurance companies in the marketplace and allows you to build your client a benefit plan tailored to their needs. Whether you decide on a single carrier or multi-carrier approach, your clients will appreciate the streamlined process.

Changing insurance carriers doesn't mean starting the enrolment process from scratch. With employees already enrolled with Agile Benefits, insurer transitions are easier than ever before, giving clients the freedom to select the coverage they want, without disrupting operations.

One enrolment, one platform, and one team all dedicated to your success.

Advisors using Agile Benefits deliver:

  • Optimized benefits plans
  • Multi-provider solutions on one administration platform with one consolidated billing
  • An enhanced employee experience with 24/7 access to support and resources
  • Simplified administration and other tools available via web or mobile
  • A central employee hub to facilitate coordination, communication, and culture

...and empower their clients to:

  • Support healthy, engaged, loyal and productive employees
  • Change insurance carriers without re-enrolling
  • Consolidate administration and minimize time spent on manual tasks
  • Access Benefits & Administration anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Improve employee access to the right benefits and boost return on benefits costs
  • Integrate Benefits Administration with payroll and other HRIS systems