More Than Just Your Benefits!

Seamlessly harmonize all your people management needs on one affordable, easy-to-use, mobile first, cloud-based system.

  • Are you and your employees drowning in paperwork?
  • Do you wish you could just enter in information once and it automatically is received by all the services and people you need it to: your benefits carrier, employee file, manager, etc.?
  • Tired of cobbling together reports from multiple systems?
  • Wish reminding your team to complete compliance training was as easy as sending a mobile push notification and the system tracked when they completed the training?
  • Tired of tracking vacation via spreadsheets and approving via emails?
  • Wish your company was on the forefront of the future of work and not stuck in the industrial age?

With SymphonyHR, you can orchestrate all of your business functions all from one central location!